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Jyotika Aggarwal

Clinical Psychologist


Ms. Jyotika Aggarwal is a clinical psychologist with extensive training from premier mental health institutions across India and the USA. In her seven years’ experience as an emotional health practitioner, she has helped clients of varied age groups to address a broad spectrum of concerns.

Ms. Aggarwal is empathetic and sensitive to her clients’ inner turmoils and strongly believes that everyone deserves to lead the best life they can. She specializes in assessing clients and providing integrated therapies to suit their individual healing requirements.


  • Individuals dealing with chronic stress and other emotional issues that result from stressful day-to-day lives.

  • Individuals aiming to enhance their personal, social and professional lives.

  • Adolescents and young children who feel misunderstood by their peers, family, teachers, and others in social settings, and are facing difficulties in managing their emotions.

  • Children and adolescents with conditions such as ADHD, learning difficulties, or physical challenges.

  • Individuals with issues such as low-self esteem, negative body image and other personal insecurities that hamper their day-to-day functioning and emotional wellbeing.

  • Families/individuals seeking a more balanced, open and communicative parent-child relationship.

  • Couples and families who aim to improve their relationship through better communication, as well as by rebuilding trust, setting boundaries, and alleviating conflicts and divergences.

Education & Certification:

  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mumbai - India

  • Specialization in RE-CBT from Albert Ellis Institute, New York (Indian Affiliation)

  • Certification in REBT (Anxiety and Depression with Children) - Albert Ellis Institute, New York (Indian Affiliation)

  • Diploma in Human Recourses from Welingkar Institute of Management (India)

  • Mindfulness-based CBT, Beck Institute, Philadelphia, USA


  • Bombay Psychological Association

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